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View a sample of Giovanni in a field of durum wheat. (Windows Media)


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Zephyr In The News

Zephyr Self-Guided Adventures was featured in The Times of London Travel section on September 15, 2007. Writer Rachel Escott described her enjoyable adventure on our Umbria biking tour:

"I had been nervous about getting lost and lasting the distance when I set out alone on a cycling tour of Umbria. Without a group leader or even a conventional guidebook, in testing times I feared my Italian would turn into Spanish and I would turn into a sobbing heap by the road.

But I had a secret ally. Zephyr Adventures, the company organising my holiday, offers nifty MP3 players you carry with you to play the informative, amusing or just plain rallying videos that flesh out the trip in a surprisingly effective way."


Read the full article "Cycling with the Cyber Guide in Italy" on the Times of London website.

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